Learn to Dive, Love to Dive

Right here in Cardiff, that’s where your scuba diving adventure begins.

Men, women, children. Students, marine biologists, sports fanatics. Scuba diving is for everyone, and while at Welsh Diving we’re Wales’ only PADI-certified education facility, our mission is about so much more than just getting you a scuba qualification.

We’re proud that once our students learn to dive with us, they keep diving with us. We want our students not just to qualify but to love doing it, to share our passion for diving and make it a lifelong hobby to help their fitness and enrich their lives. And we want them to realise that the UK’s waters are actually perfect for scuba – not nearly as cold or murky as you might expect.

From our Cardiff facilities we organise social dives, dive holidays and more to keep our students excited and engaged with scuba diving, which has to be the greatest sports on the planet.

So if you want to know what it means to fall in love with scuba diving in Cardiff, please give us a call on 0775 369 1794.

And don’t forget, Welsh Diving also has an established dive school in Newport and has recently opened one in Bridgend. Soon there will be a new Welsh Diving scuba diving equipment shop in Bridgend too!

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