PADI Open Water

South Wales Diving Courses – Padi Open Water

On completion of the Open Water course you will be certified as an Open Water diver licensed to dive to depths of 18 metres. The course comprises a theory element. During this you will learn how to plan to dive safely, the effect of increasing pressure as you dive deeper, the effect of buoyancy and how to control it. You will also learn about diving equipment and its maintenance. The course also includes some basic diver rescue techniques.

As part of the theory course you will complete some Knowledge Reviews and short quizzes. At the end you will need to sit a multi – choice examination before the Open Water element of the course.

At the same time as doing the theory you will also undertake your Confined Water training. This is normally undertaken in the swimming pool. You will have 6 hours training (normally organised over four or five sessions) in which you will learn how to breathe underwater using SCUBA and also be streamlined as you swim.
You will also learn how to perform essential skills such as f ace mask removal underwater and help another diver who may be low on air or who has cramp. The last element of the Confined Water training is an Orientation for Open Water session to get you ready for the Open Water part of the course.

The Theory and Confined Water sessions must be successfully completed before starting the Open Water training. The Open Water sessions comprise 4 dives normally spread over two weekends. During the dives you will have the opportunity to explore the underwater world. You will also learn how to enter and exit the water safely ,as well as re-demonstrating some of the skills learnt in the swimming pool

The course fee is inclusive of:

  • Diver Manual
  • Electronic Recreational Dive Planner
  • Diver logbook
  • All diving equipment including air
  • Entry fees to dive sites (around £35)

Cost £385