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Scuba diving for marine biology

Marine biology and scuba diving go hand in hand.

Isobel is 13 year’sold, from Cardiff,  and already an accomplished scuba diver with over 30 logged UK dives including a night dive, sea dives and wreck dives. She has already seen loads of different marine life.

She learnt to dive because she wants to be a marine biologist.

WELSH DIVING is going to support Isobel  as one of our student apprenticeships to help her achieve her dream. You too can follow her diving adventures through her blog

Isobel will be documenting the wildlife she comes across on dives and discussing conservation techniques to the best of her ability.


July 2017

I completed a series of dives in Swanage, a small coastal town south east of Dorset.

Whilst diving under Swanage pier a peculiar creature caught my eye, which I later identified as the light bulb sea squirt. This peculiar little creature can be found attached to rocks, stones and seaweed all around the UK, however it can not be commonly found in many other places . it grows to just 2cm and stores its eggs and larvae in the atrial cavity. The eggs can be seen from outside because of the sea squirts clear body. Sea squirts inhale water along with the nutrients in that water so that they can digest any plankton. If disturbed they will exhale this water, hence the name ’sea squirt’.



A fair few of the fish on swanage pier had a type of sea lice attached to their heads, some of these lice had grown to around 2 inches long like the one shown below. The sea louse will attach to the fish and begin to feed off the blood, skin and mucus of the host. They then begin to grow whilst still attached.






If you’re looking at marine biology for your future studies and/or career, please get in touch so we can talk you through your scuba diving requirements and get you in the water!

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Isobel recently qualified as a PADI Junior Advanced Open Water diver. She undertook a deep dive, learnt how to navigate underwater and perform effective search and recovery exercises. She also led a wreck dive and developed her buoyancy skills.

Isobel said:

Completing the advanced open water course helped me to enhance and build on my current diving knowledge. It also helped me to improve my confidence and open up new experiences within the sport.







If you wish to visit the shop outside these hours please phone 07753 691794 to arrange

Underwater shoot of a young couple diving with scuba in a tropical sea and showing ok signal

They say that nowhere in the UK is more than 73 miles from the sea. That means you’re never more than an hour and a half’s drive from a chance to SCUBA DIVE!

Bridgend, near the glorious south/west Wales coastline, is a natural choice for what is set to become Wales’ premium scuba diving shop, Welsh Diving.

You may already know the Welsh Diving brand – the PADI-accredited company has been teaching people to scuba dive on Newport and Cardiff for years, with more recent classes opening up in Bridgend too.

“Scuba diving is so popular across South Wales,” comments Martin Donovan, lead dive instructor and MD of Welsh Diving, “it just makes sense for us to open this shop and cater for those who want to either get into the hobby or take their diving to the next lesson.

“For Welsh Diving it’s really just a continuation of our customers’ journey with us. Unlike some dive schools which are only concerned with getting peoples’ qualifications over the line, we teach people to dive and to enjoy diving – that way they keep diving with us after they’re qualified and now we can continue to serve them even when they’re out of the water.”

The Dive Shop will stock all the equipment needed for the scuba enthusiast, from wetsuits and air tanks to fashion items and underwater cameras.

The new shop will be opening in early March 2017 at: The Dive Shop, Shop 16, Pen Y Bont Road, Pencoed, CF35 5RA.

“Anyone who dives will tell you: it’s the greatest sport in the world,” adds Martin. “It’s a superb way to keep fit and see the world from a new angle, so hopefully this store will encourage more people to get into diving; naturally we’ll be offering sign-ups to classes from inside the shop too.”

PADI Open Water Scuba Diving Courses

The next PADI Open Water courses start

  • Sunday 5th March in Newport
  • Tuesday 7th March in Bridgend
  • Thursday 9th March in Cardiff

For further details contact Martin 07753 691794 or email


Right here in Cardiff, that’s where your scuba diving adventure begins.

Men, women, children. Students, marine biologists, sports fanatics. Scuba diving is for everyone, and while at Welsh Diving we’re Wales’ only PADI-certified education facility, our mission is about so much more than just getting you a scuba qualification.

We’re proud that once our students learn to dive with us, they keep diving with us. We want our students not just to qualify but to love doing it, to share our passion for diving and make it a lifelong hobby to help their fitness and enrich their lives. And we want them to realise that the UK’s waters are actually perfect for scuba – not nearly as cold or murky as you might expect.

From our Cardiff facilities we organise social dives, dive holidays and more to keep our students excited and engaged with scuba diving, which has to be the greatest sports on the planet.

So if you want to know what it means to fall in love with scuba diving in Cardiff, please give us a call on 0775 369 1794.

And don’t forget, Welsh Diving also has an established dive school in Newport and has recently opened one in Bridgend. Soon there will be a new Welsh Diving scuba diving equipment shop in Bridgend too!

You can now BOOK ONLINE…. for the following Try Dives….

SCUBA TRY DIVES Thursdays 6.30 pm to 8.30pm Fitzalan School Cardiff

SCUBA TRY DIVES Sunday  6.30 pm to 8.00pm Bettws Active Living Centre Newport

SCUBA TRY DIVES Tuesday 7.00pm to 9.00pm Bryntirion School Bridgend

Cost is only £10.00 per person (plus booking fee) –  or, to book a place contact Martin 07753 691794 or click here.


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